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Emmanuelle Antille

Wouldn’t it be nice

Switzerland | 1999 | 14' 00'' | color | stereo

Wouldn’t it be nice shows the social and personal relationships between the members of a same family. A whole family gathers together for a dinner. The video is based on the tension between the artificiality, the vacuity in the group relations and the spontaneous and exaggerated intimacy of the characters when they get isolated in the different rooms of the house. It focuses on the women characters, which are playing very obsessive rituals together or alone. Those rituals help them to relate with their surrounding. In that way, they can replay and reinvent the relationships between them, even if it becomes a kind of hallucination. I was very interested to show an intimacy between two people, that no one could really name. A relationship beyond cliché (it is not really friendship, love, pain, incest, but more personal than that).
Schools, UniversitiesCHF 200.00
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