Strba Annelies - Berlin 2000 (30'' Preview)

SD PAL, 4:3, Colour, Sond, 18'25''

The off-colours, which Strba uses for the first time in the Berlin video, manipulate the significance of that which is portrayed: Berlin, with cars weaving between anonymous violet-turquoise buildings, appears both bleached out and over-controlled, at once overheated and undercooled. A searing light has eaten into these images, radiating back in test-tube colours of cloying artificiality. Blinkered by its own history, it is as though the city sought to fade out the events of its past in lurid colour. A piece of architecture ticks through the images with the regularity of a watch hand. A mordant, chirping sound strays across the picture like a complex, unearthed electronic circuit.