Keep It Fun For Yourself

1995 - 2017
SD Pal & HD, 4:3 & 16:9, Sound, 57 Videos

“Art isn’t easy! Overnight you’re a star You’re the right combination Then your star’s at an end You’re suddenly last year’s sensation”
In singing a capella a selection of songs on the subject of art, Yan Duyvendak raises the question of the role of the artist in today’s world (doing so with an irony typical of that role). Respecting the tempos of the songs as though the instrumentation were present, playing with the bittersweetness of nostalgia, robbing the interpretation of all artifice, he carries off the tour de force of stripping bare our vision by including himself in the reflection: “You wanted to be an artist so you could see yourself, beautiful, on the big screen and in color”, he joyfully sings.